Our favourite study spaces submitted by you!

Just a few of the study spaces from our fresher's competition which really caught our eye!

Last week, the OU Students Association launched their brand new freshers competition to win a snazzy new OU-branded backpack and hoodie. All students had to do was send in a picture of their study spaces – whether that’s on the bus, in a cafe, at home, or anywhere in between. From the over 120 entries submitted, quite a number caught our eye especially – so we put a list together of some of our favourites!

(Note: These are not the winners of the competition. The five lucky winners will be chosen at random next week from all eligible entries.)

  1. 1 Keeping studies going even while on the move!

  2. 2 We'll put this down as "organised chaos"

  3. 3 Sky High Studies!

  4. 4 We need to take lessons from Lauren on how to keep our desks THIS tidy!

  5. 5 It's for a good cause, though!

  6. 6 Coffee is always needed while working on assignments!

  7. 7 Complete with alcohol for when the studies get a bit stressful...

  8. 8 A pretty good distraction, if you ask us!

  9. 9 "I call it...nerdtopia!"

  10. 10 Milkshake and studying? Sign us up!

You can check out the rest of the entries by clicking here (they're all brilliant, trust us!)

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