The best Secret Santa gifts under £10

Get your office Christmas sorted!

It’s that time of year – the dreaded words ‘Secret’ and ‘Santa’ may have already started to pop up around your office. These two words are enough to cause panic in even the most organised of Christmas elves. But never fear – we’re here to help! Here are our suggestions for the top 10 Secret Santa gifts for under £10. In no particular order…

  1. 1 Booze

    You can't really go wrong with a good Christmas tipple. You can get some pretty good proseccos for under £10. Or for a more personal present, why not buy a nice bottle of red wine and create a mulled wine spice mix to go with it? Wine not try this recipe.

  2. 2 Make a list, choc it twice...

    Again, might seem like a cop-out but some extra-nice chocolate makes a lovely present. Try something Fairtrade like Divine or something beautiful from Hotel Chocolat.

  3. 3 Terrarium

    Channel your inner hipster and create a stylish terrarium for your colleague. Try this jar from Amazon (£4.83+60p postage), grab some gravel from your local park and soil from your garden, and buy a small cactus or succulent (around £3 from supermarkets). Lastly you'll need a pack of activated charcoal.

    Assemble in this order:

    1. Cover the base of the jar with gravel. This acts as drainage for the terrarium.

    2. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal (39p+£1.99 postage). This fights off bacteria and keeps water fresh (not to be confused with Frosty-the-Snowman's eyes).

    3. Add some potting soil/compost.

    4. Add your cactus.

    5. Finish off with a layer of gravel.

    Total price: £10.81 (okay this one's just over £10, but it's so beautiful and the extra 81p will make all the difference!)

  4. 4 H2O-Ho-Ho

    Encourage colleagues to save the planet with one of these gorgeous water bottles from Marks and Spencer. Choose their initial! Great for male and female colleagues.

  5. 5 5 Gold Ring (stands)

    Ring stands are super helpful when you're doing the washing up and need somewhere safe to put your rings. Check out these from Marks & Spencer and Etsy.

  6. 6 Bananagrams

    This is genuinely one of my favourite games. It's like Scrabble but faster-paced and just generally more fun. Aim of the game is to make your own mini Scrabble board using up all of the letters. First person to use all of theirs wins! Go bananas for just £10 from John Lewis.

  7. 7 Phone card holder

    With cash being used less and less, we need somewhere to store our cards (the debit variety, not the Christmas kind) and IDs. Why not give the gift of travelling light with a stick-on card holder for your colleague's phone? Check out this one fromJohn Lewis.

  8. 8 Coffee Lover Pencils

    We love coffee in the Students Association office and we also love a pun. What's not to like about these adorable pencils

  9. 9 Loose leaf Tea

    There's always a loyal tea-drinker in the office. Why not open their eyes to the world of loose leaf tea with this brew-tea-ful tea caddy from Fortnum & Mason. There are lots of blends to choose from, my favourite is Earl Grey!

  10. 10 Collapsible Coffee Cup

    Does your colleague always forget to bring a reusable cup with them? Has your colleague BEAN good this year? There's no excuse with this collapsible version. Bringing a reusable cup with you for your morning coffee can save you around 10% in most high-street coffee shops!

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