The HolisticHour: Mindfulness of breathing

Be guided through a soothing meditation practice in this article from the BAME Committee.

Welcome to the HolisticHour, a monthly meditation and yoga series offering a safe and affirming space for the BAME community to navigate experiences of racial and social injustice through mindfulness techniques. 

To begin this series, I will guide you through a simple, yet effective, meditation called Ānāpānasati (mindfulness of breathing) to honour where you are at today. 

Meditation is an ancient art and science that makes you aware of who you truly are and the infinite power you possess. Meditation is not something you practice, it is a state of being that creates inner silence, peace, and bliss – all those good feelings! To achieve a meditative state, you practice mindfulness techniques until you experience a different, deeper, and more profound state of reality.

My advice for this series is to surrender. Practice with an open mind and heart, and don’t analyse your experiences – appreciate yourself for showing up and embrace whatever happens. My intention for these practices is that you feel yourself blossoming – you feel yourself becoming stronger from the realisation that the whole world is not outside of you, rather, it is inside of you. 

5 Tips before beginning meditation:

  1. Meditate either at sunrise or sunset. 
  2. Don’t meditate on a full stomach of food – leave at least 2 hours between your last meal and your meditation. 
  3. Meditate in a quiet space with a nice ambience – I recommend wearing headphones for this practice. 
  4. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  5. Don’t take yourself or the practice too seriously – mindfulness techniques require effort, but the state of meditation is effortless. 

About me:

My journey with meditation and yoga began eight years ago in Scotland when I joined my university’s yoga society to fight my Imposter Syndrome and the institutional racism I felt imprisoned by. 

From the beginning, meditation and yoga became my sanctuary - cathartic practices that helped me pause. . . check-in with my emotions. . . disconnect from my ego. . . and connect with my Self. 

Once I graduated from university, I wanted to nurture my connection to my Self - so, I travelled. I surrendered to three months of Yin Yoga in the Netherlands; learned shamanic meditation in the Amazon Rainforest; took residence at a Theravada Buddhist nunnery in the Southern Highlands of Australia; and lived at a Hare Krishna Ashram, before deciding to complete my 200hr Meditation teacher training, and 200hr Kundalini Yoga teacher training between Australia and India. 

I will forever be a student of meditation and yoga, so as a teacher I am committed to facilitating an inclusive, non-performative, and holistic space where I can share my experiences with others, as well as share in theirs. 


BAME Committee Wellness and Support Officer

Photo credit: Motoki Tonn

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