The joy of pancakes – loved worldwide!

We run through some of the different types of pancakes found around the world. Which will you try this Pancake Day?

In the UK, Pancake Day is celebrated at the start of Lent, a period when Christians commemorate the forty days before Easter by giving something up, such chocolate. For most people though, pancakes are a treat available all year round. 

In Britain and America, they are often part of breakfast or brunch. However, in France specialist pancake restaurants or creperies, serve sweet and savoury pancakes for lunch or dinner. The main difference between pancakes is thickness, the thin crepe style pancake doesn’t contain raising agent and the fluffy scone like pancakes include baking powder. 

Below are just a few examples of this delicious dish. 

Crepe Style Pancakes

  1. 1 Britain

    Thin pancakes of all sizes, dependent on the size of pan used for cooking the batter. Served with lemon and sugar for the traditional pancake day celebrations, but equally good with jam, fruit compote and cream, or chocolate spread. Can be eaten flat or rolled in a tube. Available readymade in shops or easily made at home.

  2. 2 France

    Very thin large pancakes, with sweet or savoury fillings. Sweet pancakes are folded to make a neat triangle containing the filling. Fillings include fruit, jam, flavoured syrups, or alcohol all served with Chantilly cream. Savoury pancakes are usually thicker, folded into a rectangle and contain various fillings usually including some of the following: cream, cheese, ham, onions, potatoes. Available readymade in shops 

Stone Style Pancakes

  1. 1 America

    Thick fluffy small pancakes, usually served with bacon and maple syrup, but alternatives include berries, sliced banana and fruit compote. Available readymade in shops. 

  2. 2 Scotland

    Scotch pancakes or Drop scones are like American pancakes but slightly sweeter. Often have blueberries, raisins or other fruit included in the pancake batter, rather than served on top. Serve with melted butter drizzled on top. Available readymade in shops. The link below gives the basic recipe and is easy to cook as plain pancakes or with fruit added to the batter.  

    Why not give Rachel Allen’s Drop Scones recipe a try?

  3. 3 Holland

    Similar to American pancakes but with cheese and bacon added to the pancake batter. 

  4. 4 Japan

    Incredibly fluffy and tall pancakes, batter is sweetened so no extra toppings are needed. The recipe is a little tricky but worth trying. 

Scone Style Pancakes

  1. 1 Russia and Eastern Europe

    Blinis are small pancakes made of wheat or buckwheat flour with savoury toppings such as caviar, smoked salmon and sour cream

So many pancakes... not enough time!

Let us know in the comments what pancakes are like where you come from, or if you have another favourite that we've missed off this list. 

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