The role of a British Psychological Society Student Ambassador

British Psychological Society (BPS) champion acting as a representative for the OU Psychology student cohort in England.

My role as BPS Student Ambassador at the OU has been designed to cultivate streamlined communication processes between the British Psychological Society (BPS) including the Student Committee, Regional Branches, Divisions, Sections as well as staff and students at The Open University:

  • Supporting the growing student voice enrolled on Psychology undergraduate and postgraduate degrees throughout the educational and career journey addressing the career aspirations from the next generation of future Psychologists.
  • Promoting BPS webinar series, conferences, events and workshops, discussing the advantages of student membership and highlighting that as a member you can also join the thriving BPS student online community and network with fellow Psychology students, graduate members and Psychologists in the field. In addition sharing and signposting any beneficial opportunities as they arise, enhancing your studying experience.
  • Training future Student Ambassadors and Lead Student Ambasadors.

“We are piloting this programme to help support and engage our ever-growing number of student members, alongside providing an opportunity for our student members to practice and develop their transferrable skills with support from a professional organisation. We are thrilled with the enthusiasm shown by students who have put themselves forward for this role during the pilot, and look forward to rolling this out in September 2022 for a UK-wide launch.” Natalie Billing, Partnership and Careers Liaison Lead, BPS.

The BPS community offers volunteer opportunities and the chance to apply for a seat on the student committee or as an assistant editor of the student magazine with numerous article competitions across the academic year.

If you have any questions regarding careers, events, membership (including if you have previously been a member) or queries about the various pathways and volunteer opportunities available please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or my colleagues Sarah Ormsby and Stacey Broster on the BPS events and info forum thread on the Student Qualification Forum or by email:

The Benefits of Student Membership with the British Psychological Society:-

  • Access to a number of free and discounted events, webinars, conferences and Annual General Meetings including student-focused ‘Careers in Psychology Series’ and the recently rebooted ‘How did you get that Job talks’ on facebook held on the first week of every month the next one will be held on 5 July at 6pm. Join us
  • Automatic free membership for first-year students on a BPS Accredited degree pathway from the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year.
  • Automatic enrollment to your local BPS Branch providing regional contacts and events to connect with the student cohort in your area.
  • Subscription to receive the innovative ‘The Psychologist Magazine’ through the post and digitally. As part of membership, the magazine is packed full of articles, job opportunities, research findings and competitions that focus on undergraduate and postgraduate participants. Free download for iOS and Android via the App Store, Google Play or Amazon. The BPS Research Digest is also available for students via the mobile phone app. 
  • Opportunities: The ability to become a BPS Student Ambassador at your University and apply to sit on the Student Committee in various roles. For instance, Student Representatives across all regions in the UK, including The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) representing international students.  
  • 35% Discount on Wiley/Blackwell Books and Key Publications (print and e-books). This has recently been extended to all Routledge titles (not just BPS-specific books). You can find more information here.  
  • Connect with the vibrant online community designed for students to enhance your studies.
  • So what are you waiting for? Join the BPS today for less than 55p a week and start your journey!

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