Waste Wednesday: Take It, Don’t Leaf It

Sustainability Week continues with Waste Wednesday, and we asked OU students to tell us their best recycling tips!

The Earth really is a space-cial place. And for what it’s Earth, it means the world to us! …Alright, alright, we’ll stop the puns now and get serious. As humans living on this beautiful planet, we all have a responsibility to look after it. That’s why for today’s Sustainability Week theme, we asked OU students to tell us their best recycling tips – and, as a bonus, to show us any of their own recycled creations!


Recycling pizza boxes

Most councils do not recycle greasy pizza boxes. Try to tear off the cleaner parts to recycle first.

One to avoid recycling

Never use face wipes as they are mostly plastic and not recyclable

Ditch the wipes (cleaning or make-up wipes) and opt for something that can be recycled (more companies are doing this nowadays) or reused.

Opting for milk to be delivered

We use a local milkman to deliver milk in glass bottles to reduce our plastic waste. The milk is local too!

Alternative uses for old plastic bottles!

Old plastic bottles can have their tops cut off and used as a funnel or put it in the bottom part of the bottle upside down, with some sugar water or jam and water and create a wasp catcher in the summer. 

A Bee-tter way to cover your food

Beeswax wraps are amazing and SO pretty. Can be used for so many different things as well.

Repair, don't throw away!

I try to fix things, or have them fixed by somebody smarter who knows how, to keep them sustainable. This applies to everything, but particularly technology, from a faulty mobile phone to a car. And some people say newer cars are greener, which they might be, but keeping an old car on the road, rather than creating a whole new one, makes more environmental sense to me.

Check out these cushions made from old shower curtains!

I loved the fabric so much but the kids said it was too babyish! (Youngest was 16 by then so curtains were 20 years old...)

A picture plants a thousand words!

OU Students Association

I wanted to find a way to re-use the bottles in a fun way!

We're not done yet!

Sustainability Week continues tomorrow with Transport Thursday! We'll be back with a new article matching this theme, looking at alternative, more sustainable, ways you can travel around.

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