Welcome to National Volunteers Week

Where we take the time to offer thanks to our huge team of volunteers for their fantastic contributions to the student voice and student community...

If you have ever considered volunteering with the OU Students Association, you could not have picked a better time to do so. We are currently in the process of recruiting the next generation of Academic Representatives at the OU Students Association. These are the ones who sit on committees at the very heart of the university governance structure. Being actively involved in making this team more reflective of our student body is one of the key reasons I stood as Vice President Education. I personally, wanted to ensure we have a diverse and engaged team of reps getting involved and feeding into decision making at OU.

Our team is growing bigger and more effective by the day, and we welcome anyone who feels they have something to offer. We particularly want to encourage younger students who are taking their degree at full-time study intensity, as they have a viewpoint on issues that we need to ensure the University is actively considering. We also particularly welcome students who represent any of the protected characteristics, as these students can be instrumental in feeding into the equality work going on currently in Higher Education and ensuring that we consider any and all hurdles to engagement within our roles.



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