Welcome to the OU Women’s Rights and Equality Club!

If you are passionate about all things women's rights, feminism and equality related- I may just have the perfect place for you.

Hi all!

It’s Morgan here. You may or may not (*gasp* if the latter- you’re missing out!) have heard that there’s a new OU club about town. The OU Women’s Rights and Equality Club. We haven’t been Association-official for too long, but our group is growing, and with our first club event oh-so near, we thought gosh- why not branch out onto Hoot and make ourselves known!

We are a friendly, inclusive group that promotes intersectional feminism at all costs. Anybody and everybody is welcome, you don’t have to be versed in the works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Emmeline Pankhurst or Betty Friedan to come along and join in. A passion for equality amongst all women is more than enough! If at all interested, I’ll link the Facebook group below for you to join and peruse at your own leisure:


Right, so, taking it back a little to where I mentioned our first club event. This will be an introductory event on Adobe Connect, very chilled and informal- yet hopefully pretty informative! Get a chance to meet some of the people behind the scenes within the club, as well as other like-minded individuals. This will be happening on Sunday 25th October, so hopefully I’ll meet some of you there. The link to the event will be posted on the above linked Facebook page closer to the event, but in the meantime, check out this flyer made by the lovely Simone (the club’s founder!) and get busy marking out the date in your diary!

Another date to keep in mind is Saturday the 31th October, which is when we will be hosting our first virtual tea/coffee meet-up via Zoom. So if you’re free pop along with your beverage of choice (the gin may have to wait until Saturday evening!) and have a chat with us. It will be the perfect opportunity to get to know others and tell us about how your week went. (Oh and there are talks about a festive bingo… But you’ll have to wait to hear more about that!)

All of us here at the OU WRAEC cannot wait to meet you all and start discussions – from what Feminism means to you, to have the opportunity to chat about your personal experiences with Feminism, and discussion on women bearing significant historical importance to the women’s suffrage movement… And much, much more. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us- look out for the names “Morgan Bishop”, “Simone Rush” and “Bex Louise” on the Facebook page; us admins are always happy to help!

 If I had to characterize one quality as the genius of feminist thought, culture, and action, it would be the connectivity. – Robin Morgan

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Morgan Bishop


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