Door 9: What do you love about being an OU student?

We asked on social media what you love about being an OU student. Here are the answers...

  1. It opens doors! OU study in my 40s opened a hidden door to the amazing next 30+ years.
  2. Enabling people to pursue a university degree, and all it brings with it, whatever their circumstances. This is priceless.
  3. Flexibility and meeting lots of lovely new people!
  4. Discovering new areas of knowledge.  📗❤️💪📚
  5. The enjoyment of the studies and meeting lots of like-minded people.The image shows three students chatting and laughing
  6. The brilliant quality of education imparted – our OU books are sooo thorough and well-explained!
  7. My retirement hobby. Learning for pleasure and working at my own pace.
  8. The encouragement I receive from friends, especially when working on assignments!!
  9. It’s impossible to pick out a best one. The joy of learning about something I’m interested in. The companionship, mostly virtual, of people who are interested in the same things. Having something worthwhile to strive for, always something to be working on. Broadening my horizons.
  10. When you meet other OU students, it’s like a secret society…. You have this instant connection.
  11. It gives me an identity beyond being a mother and carer.
  12. The flexibility and friendship with others in the same boat. We have such a laugh in our group chats and everyone is so supportive.
  13. It is so professionally organised and supportive in many ways.
  14. The support. Having been through both “brick” and Open Uni, in my experience the support offered by OU is Far Superior!
  15. The fact I can study from home and the flexibility means I can take it at my own pace due to health issues. 💙💛
  16. Studying at my own pace and the flexibility for definite. By being able to do this I have completed my module almost a month earlier than I would have done if I was stuck to a specific schedule.
  17. Realising that there’s so much ‘stuff’ out there that I didn’t know and knowing that my brain cells are going to be exercised in the most exciting way finding out.
  18. After retirement, it has given me the opportunity to study for the joy of learning.
  19. I can attend a tutorial in my PJs in bed!!
  20. I believe it has given me resilience. 😊
  21. The doors that studying have opened and opportunities given to me even before completing my degree.
  22. Being able to remain independent while I achieve my degree.
  23. Having the flexibility to study when/where I want/can. I have a child with additional health needs and would never of been able to attend a brick uni. Just got a distinction in one of my modules and due to graduate next year!❤️
  24. The moment you finish your degree and the feeling of accomplishment hits you.

The image shows Walton HallWalton Hall at The Open University campus in Milton Keynes

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