What’s hot: events this winter

With winter approaching, there’s a whole host of OU events and workshops to look forward to.

From online socials to study support, career advice to skills development – here are 10 virtual events you won’t want to miss this winter. Everyone is welcome, so get your diaries and snacks ready… we can’t wait to see you there!

  1. 1 Get social!

    The Open University

    Meet other students and expand your support network with our social events and meet ups. Whether face-to-face or virtual, all our socials are inclusive, welcoming, fun and interactive. You can attend as many or as few as you like – there’s zero pressure. Study buddies are, of course, encouraged! 

    Great for:

    ✔️Expanding your network

    ✔️Building your confidence

    ✔️Having a laugh!

    Upcoming events:

    Grandparents Club Evening Drop-In
    Monday 19 December | 19:00–20:30
    A chance to socialise with other members and express any queries and concerns you may have to the Committee. Our online events are intended to be welcoming and friendly spaces. Please read our Code of Conduct before joining this session and keep this in mind when taking part.

    Disabled Student Group Monthly Drop-in
    Friday 30 December | 17:00–18:30
    A chance to socialise with other members and express any queries and concerns you may have to the Committee. To protect the members, drop-ins are restricted to DSG members only, unless by prior invitation. If you are not a full member of the Disabled Students Group, you can apply to join here.

  2. 2 Hone your study skills

    The Open University

    Reach your full potential as a student with our study skills workshops. Whether it’s essay planning and writing, or learning how to present a strong academic argument, the interactive workshops will help you develop the skills you need to meet the demands of your course. Created with the academic calendar in mind, there are plenty of opportunities to support you throughout the year.

    Great for:

    ✔️Honing your study skills

    ✔️Building key competencies

    ✔️Improving academic communications

    Upcoming events:

    Learning from feedback
    Tuesday 6 December | 11:00–12:00
    Find out why tutor feedback is important, and how to use it effectively and constructively.

    Creative note-taking
    Tuesday 13 December | 11:00–12:00
    Share your tips for effective note-taking and discover new techniques to help you process, evaluate and recall important study material.

  3. 3 Build your future

    The Open University

    Our career and employability events will help you develop skills that are widely valued in the workplace. Our webinars and events are led by professional career advisors, enabling you achieve your work and life ambitions. Feel empowered, build confidence, and learn how to articulate your capabilities and skills in a workplace setting.

    Great for:

    ✔️Career planning

    ✔️Connecting you to new opportunities

    ✔️Helping you navigate the job market

    Upcoming events:

    Careers for carers and welcoming workplaces
    Monday 5 December | 12:30–13:30
    This employer panel session is aimed at students on the Carer’s Scholarship and students across the University who are carers. This session will include a variety of speakers talking about how employers can accommodate students as a carer and what types of opportunities are out there.

    Graduate application and interview tips
    Tuesday 13 December | 12:00–13:00
    Tips and advice to get through the recruitment process and selling yourself in interviews. This workshop is in partnership with Microsoft’s EMBRACE programme supporting Black, Asian and minority ethnic students.

  4. 4 Returning to your studies

    The Open University

    Are you looking to return to your studies? Not sure where to start? You're not alone. We understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Throughout the year we have a numver of events to help you find your feet after a short break or long absence. Connect with other likeminded students, rebuild your confidence and find a network of supportive students to help you stay motivated.

    Great for:

    ✔️Expanding your network

    ✔️Helping you get back on track

    ✔️General support to help you navigate life as a student

    Upcoming events:

    Discover your goals: your first step
    Tuesday 17 January | 12:00–13:00
    In this workshop we'll help you discover what your options are when it comes to using your study to change your life and beginning a new career journey. 

    Wednesday 18 January | 11:00–12:00
    Whether you're a current student or about to start your OU journey, SHL is here to make sure you know to look after yourself.

  5. 5 In the Library

    The Open University

    Need to improve your digital and technical skills? Look no further! The OU’s Library Services offer a programme of live online training sessions to all OU students. Each bite-sized session provides an online alternative to face-to-face training. Extra bonus: each session allows you live access to a librarian!

    Please note: Library Services events don't require booking! Simply join the room using the Adobe Connect link, and make a note of the event date on your personal calendar.

    Great for:

    1667484870189.pngAnswering general academic writing and study skills queries

    1667484870189.pngReferring you to useful resources and library databases

    1667484870189.pngHelping you improve your digital skills

    Upcoming events:

    Introduction to library services Monday 5 December | 21:00-21:45

    Learn about the online library, how to find help and support, and how to access key services to help with your studies or work at the OU.

    The why and how of referencing

    Monday 16 January | 19:30–20:15
    This session will introduce you to referencing and why it is important when writing your assignments. You will also learn about how to construct references and where to go for help and support.

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