You are not alone

The OU student community has much more to offer than perhaps people realise...

As a first-year student, the idea of doing a degree and the size of the Open University was so overwhelming that I was just about navigating the website and keeping up. 

In my second year, I was lucky enough to make friends via social media and with the support of one of them began to share my writing. I ended up joining Write Club. This opened so many doors for me and brought some great people into my life. It is through their support and encouragement that I am brave enough to be able to write here. They had to help me find it first!

I took three years to do my level one and I am now in year four of my open degree (and shocked to be saying that). 

I am still finding out about the OU student community. There are over a hundred societies and clubs covering such a diverse range of interests that I am sure there is something for everyone. 

There are also events such as quiz nights and meet-ups to just chat including one for mental health.

I know the current situation is tough and can feel isolating. I just wanted to share the message that the OU student community has much more to offer than perhaps people realise. Trust me they are everywhere. I encourage you to contact student support or the OU Students Association to learn more. Even if it feels like it, you are not alone.

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Lily Lawson


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