Do you know what the letters in the module codes mean?

Are you a Module Code Meistergeek?

A. B, D, W … what on earth are all those letters about?

Some of them may be easy – but where on earth do they get the others?


Cath Brown


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    1. Thanks to a couple of long-standing OU staff on Twitter, I can partially answer that!

      For example, when they were thinking what to use for social science, S had already been taken. So they decided to use D which was the first letter of the surname of the person who was then Dean of the faculty. His name was Drake.

      The doubling up is due to running out of codes.
      That can happen because not only did the first digit in the code mean something (eg in DD310, the 3 means it’s at level 3) but the second one did too. Sixty credit modules had to have a 0 or 1 in the second digit.
      So if you’d, say, used up A100 up to A119, then a new version would end up as AA100 (as reusing codes would create no end of havoc in the database)