How To: Adding Tags

A post with any other tag would be harder to find...

On The Hoot, there are two ways that we organise content: categories and tags. Categories are broad descriptions of the topics covered in the content (you can find more about them here!), while tags are much more precise. Let’s take a look at how to utilise them effectively.

Effectively using tags

Let's give you a scenario: you want to write about studying at The Open University as a full-time parent. Brilliant! In this instance, you'd select the 'studying' category when submitting your post. But what if you want to focus on how your pet cat, Gerald, helped you get through your latest module? How would fellow pet-lovers find your article? Never fear, as the answer is quite clear - tags! All you would have to do is add the 'animals' tag. That way, your article would appear alongside every post that has also tagged itself under 'animals'. 

But what if you're not sure of which tags to use? Again, there's no need to worry. Our lovely team of editors can add them in for you before publishing your post. We've got your back!

List of current tags

As more content is added to the site, we'll be introducing more and more tags. You can, of course, create any tag you like, but if you want to use a tag which already has posts using it, we've handily compiled a list of our most popular ones being used by fellow OU staff and students right now:

  1. Story
  2. OUStudents
  3. Image
  4. List
  5. Quiz
  6. #Photography
  7. OU Students Association
  8. Study
  9. Personality
  10. Trivia
  11. Volunteering
  12. Open University
  13. Puzzles
  14. Society
  15. Socities
  16. STEM
  17. Ars Poetica
  18. OU Poetry Society
  19. #OUPhotographyClub
  20. Pride

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