Welcome to The Hoot!

It's the start of something new! Welcome to The Hoot, a magazine site for OU students...

The OU Students Association’s online magazine The Hoot launched on 8 April 2019 and is now in its 5th year – an exciting project launched by the previous Vice President Engagement, Fanni Zombor.

Our magazine is an inclusive space, run by OU students for OU students. Students can freely create articles, share stories and publish polls and quizzes, simply by creating an account and submitting to the editing team. Why not share your OU experiences, a review of your favourite book or even quiz students on the lyrics from your favourite music genre?

We still produce a PDF magazine biannually for students in secure environments (SiSE) but now also include a full colour edition through Virtual Campus. This collaborative project between the Association’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team and the Digital Communications Team brings in the highlights of our online magazine, as well as countless bespoke articles from SiSE students, student volunteers and staff. Our PDF edition is also shared on the main Association website after publication, with articles also available on The Hoot.

Have a Hoot

  • Keen Hoot reader? Why not comment or react on the articles you read – we love to start a conversation.
  • Read an amazing article? Why not share on social media? You’ll find us on Twitter (@TheHootStudents) and we love to be tagged.
  • Budding Hoot writer? If you would like to submit content, please make sure to check out the submission guidelines and help section of the site. No content is wrong (as long as it aligns with the guidelines) and everyone’s contributions are very welcome.

Feedback is always welcome and you can always contact me (Lou Robinson) or the Digital Communications Team with any comments, queries or concerns.

Happy Hooting!

Lou Robinson
Vice President Engagement

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Lou Robinson

BSc (Hons) Open Degree 2020 PGCE Primary (School Direct) Student 2020/21 Aspiring Primary School Teacher with a keen interest in STEAM and Outdoor Learning.


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