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It's the start of something new! Welcome to The Hoot, a magazine site for OU students...

As the OU Students Associations newly designed magazine is launched today, on the 8th of April, I would like to say a very warm welcome to anyone who wanders onto the site. This project has probably been the biggest one of my term as Vice President Media and Campaigns and it all happened in 5 months, but it has also been a very exciting one.

There was a lot of planning, replanning, corrections of mistakes, amazing ideas thrown around in order for this all to happen. It was created in consultation with Central Executive Committee colleagues, members of staff within the Students Association office and with other OU students. I, and I think I can confidently say other people involved in the project would like this magazine to be an inclusive space for all past, present and future OU students, as well as members of staff and anyone interested in the OU student life, so I really can only hope that everyone will feel as positively about this as we do.

For those who might not be aware, the Students Association used to create a quarterly PDF format Magazine. It had lots of amazing content, but with the fast-changing environment and the limited space there were lots of things we couldn’t include enough of, so I am hoping this space will inspire more people to submit content, share their stories and interact with each other.

There are a few things I would like to highlight before I let you get to the end of this welcome article:

  • Please do interact with the submissions in the comments and reactions section, feedback and conversations are always welcome! 😊


  • If you would like to submit content, please make sure to check out the Submission Guidelines and help section of the site. No content is wrong (as long as it aligns with the guidelines) and everyone’s contributions are very welcome.


  • The Hoot is for students, so most importantly it will be what students make it to be!


  • Feedback on the site itself is also very welcome, so please do get in touch with any comments.


And last but not least, enjoy your time on the site and we are hoping you will be back from time to time!

Fanni Zombor

Project sponsor- Vice President Media and Campaigns

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Fanni Zombor


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