My creative writing piece: “Ara Smith”

She walked past the teacher’s desk, ignoring her completely, gave the classroom one last look and slammed the door behind her.

Hi everyone! I’m Delma, I’m 22 and I’m Peruvian. One of my hobbies is creative writing. I usually write for myself, but I’d like to share a piece of my writing with all of you. I’d love to know what you think this story is about, or what is happening in this particular scene. Enjoy!

Ara Smith

The classroom door opened. It was the principal’s secretary.

– Ara Smith, the principal wants to see you – she said before leaving quickly.

Ara stood up and, without asking for anyone’s permission, headed towards the door, followed by mutters, laughs and even an ironic “Good luck, freak”.

She walked past the teacher’s desk, ignoring her completely, gave the classroom one last look and slammed the door behind her.

Silence reigned.


Ara walked through the corridors until she reached the door of the principal’s office. As everything in that place, it was big, pretentious and lifeless. The secretary was already there, waiting for her.

– Button your jacket and tie up your hair, Miss Smith – she said tonelessly, while staring blankly at the closed door.

Ara slowly fastened her buttons, took a hair tie out of her shirt’s pocket and put her long, dark hair up.

The secretary knocked on the door, opened it and entered the office followed by Ara.

– Ara Smith, sir – she announced.

– You can leave now – said the principal coldly. 

The secretary bowed slightly and left.

– Take a seat – he ordered.

Ara obeyed. 

After a moment of silence, the principal spoke:

–  Miss Smith, I’ve requested your presence to let you know that, in ten years, your progress in our institution has been from minimal to none.

Ara remained quiet. The principal grabbed some papers that were spread all over his desk.

– In fact, and if proof is needed, here I have the reports that your teachers have written for me throughout those years – he said while going through the pages – “Ara Smith” – he read – “is unable to memorise simple concepts and follow basic orders”. “Miss Smith seems to be unable to comprehend what she reads, which is concerning as she is sixteen years old. It is also unjustifiable because, unlike the rest of the students, she arrived to the school being able to read fluently”. “Apparently, Ara does not voluntarily interact with any of her classmates, which makes team work difficult”. “Miss Smith never participates in class, and she usually spends her time immersed in some absurd book”.

The principal left the papers on his desk and looked at Ara as if he was very pleased with himself. 

– What should we do about this? Hm?

Ara didn’t speak. She merely looked into his eyes defiantly and with deep disdain. 

After a few seconds, the principal started feeling uncomfortable. He looked away, sighed impatiently and started gathering the papers together. 

– Miss Smith, I’ve spoken to your parents, and we’ve come to the conclusion that your immediate transfer to a new school would be the best choice – he said. – To a school for students with… “special abilities”, so to speak. And by this, I mean that they are most likely similar to you.

Suddenly, two men dressed in the exact same clothing ­– a white shirt, black trousers and a long beige coat – entered the office. They both stood behind Ara. 

– These gentlemen will escort you to your new school – the principal said. – Do not bother packing. It has already been done for you, and you will find your luggage at the entrance hall – with a hand gesture, the principal indicated that they could leave.

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