10 fun classical playlists to listen to while studying!

Having trouble concentrating? Maybe you don't feel like you do good with silence?

It could be because I was nurtured with an abnormal foundation for rock music since I was born, but I truly cannot stand not having at least one instrument or song playing around me in my day-to-day life and much less when studying. I know I’m not alone here. But, with that said, why am I even listing ‘classical’ playlists instead of any other genre?

One can argue that classical music is the best genre to listen to for memory and concentration. For example, in one study from Trevecca Nazarene University, Bugter and Carden (2012) found that the group that listened to only classical music did the best on recollection, a stark contrast to the two other groups in the study – rap and silence. This is just one of more than a handful of other studies in the last few decades.

That being said, I’m here to recommend 10 playlists that can maybe be of aid to you. Of course, you don’t need to listen to all of these. It’s just a starting point. You can easily start with these and venture out to other musical playlists that can help you better as you’re writing your next TMA or while studying for an upcoming exam.

  1. 1 Waltzing your way to finishing your assignment before the deadline!

    I don't know about you, but I have a soft spot for music that makes me feel like I'm part of a ball. If you can concentrate while listening to classics like Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Strauss (amongst others) and not let your imagination get in the way, I'm sure this is perfect for you! 

    No, but really, make sure you don't end up waltzing with your laptop. You might end up tripping over a cable or something and lose some crucial progress on that one TMA you had been typing for the last couple of hours. I should know.

  2. 2 Hopelessly in love with being an academic

    Who doesn't love the warmth of romance? Especially when you are deeply falling in love and committing yourself to the seemingly endless complexity of words and emotions that are going to lead you to the chapel - I mean, your graduation ceremony, one day. 

    When people say, 'Start romanticising your life', this is certainly the way to go as you study.

  3. 3 Feeling like you're unlocking some secret code when studying?

    You will feel like you are in a movie, studying your way to success as you give this a listen.

    Well, in a more accurate idea of what I have, it's more like those montages in a film where the main character is having a series of moments where they are trying, getting frustrated and starting all over but never giving up. At some point, they finally reach their goal at the end or have an epiphany.

    Why not accompany those moments with this?

  4. 4 Haters are your motivators

    Taking over the world is an enticing idea for some and, of course, knowledge is power. 

    If you want to act or you even feel like your studying is a process that is going to get you closer to defeating or silencing those who have ever wronged you, then give this one a chance. I promise the feeling you will receive is priceless.

  5. 5 Sometimes we need a chaotic soundtrack to match our inner genius

    Okay, listen - if you feel that the only time you do your best works is when the world around you is figuratively burning and you somehow have the inner peace to welcome the chaos, then this might be your match.

    I cannot imagine how your grades would be if this became your study playlist on top of whatever it is that fuels you.

  6. 6 Having 'Pride and Prejudice' fever?

    Have you ever looked at your module page and want to simply say, 'You have bewitched me, body and soul'? Look no further! No matter your ups or downs with your studies, you can't stay away for too long. 

    Much like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Sigh.

  7. 7 Getting on pointe with your grades!

    Maybe you love ballet. Maybe you love the idea of it.

    Whichever one, you can certainly appreciate the scenario of perhaps studying while one of your friends is practising on stage for an upcoming rehearsal. You're just reading and typing away in your laptop between your module forum and an assignment, waiting for them in one of the backseats of the theatre. Why? Because afterwards, you are both going out for lunch. Well, that's one immediate scenario.

    Whatever scenario you conjure up, if any, you will definitely appreciate this as you do your schoolwork.

  8. 8 It's a nice day out to go and study in nature

    Ever feel like packing up your textbooks, notebooks, laptop and whatever else you need because you're tired of staying in all the time? Perhaps, as you're packing, you start to think that you want to do something nice for yourself and decide to study in a beautiful plain meadow or a field of wildflowers.

    Whether you do or you don't, this playlist will make you feel like it's a great day outside, enjoying the simple pleasures of nature and knowledge!

  9. 9 If you ever missed receiving your Hogwarts letter, here's a spell:

    Now, this isn't exactly going to take you to Hogwarts physically, but you are free to feel as though you're there while studying with the OU! I mean, who said you can't have the best of both worlds? 

    At least you won't have to worry about quite a lot of things magic-related, you know? Like falling off a broomstick! You're much safer with a laptop. (Minus waltzing and unkept cables on the floor.)

  10. 10 More into 'modern' music?

    For some people, maybe the "typical" classical stuff isn't for them and need a way to ease into it with something familiar. For others, they may tire of classical and want something a bit different. Regardless of which description you fit into, this could be the playlist for you.

    These are songs you most likely have been introduced to or have been familiar with at some point in your life, whether on the radio or the internet. The only difference is that these are not the same as the originals. Instead, they are takes of modern songs with a 'classical' flare to them.

    The best way I can describe it is like those of us who are doing combined studies! While it might be a bit different to mix subjects in a degree versus traditionally sticking with only one, it adds some spice to our lives, the world around us and we can all appreciate it. You'll understand once you give a listen.

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