Achievements in student representation

A reflection on the huge strides in representation at the Association in the last student leadership team term.

Taking on a student leadership role within the Association is a brave thing to do. A student being able to put themselves forward to volunteer in any role is equally a brave thing to do. As we celebrate this month of July which is dedicated to CEC members, we want to celebrate the amazing work to improve representation for OU students. Below are some of those achievements.

  • The Student Voice Monthly Forum is an online forum where all representatives are welcomed to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences. It was initiated and has been chaired by Cinnomen in her role as VP Education. This space has provided support to all representatives, and it has brought about a real sense of shared purpose and community – particularly during the peak of the global pandemic. The Student Voice Monthly Forum has been such a wonderful initiative, and has positively impacted the experience of all of our student representatives.


  • Association’s recruitment of new student representatives was impletemented. During the 2020-22 term, we have seen growth in the numbers of students putting themselves forward to represent others too. Student leaders actively encouraged and campaigned for more and more students from diverse backgrounds to get involved to ensure that their viewpoint on issues is considered by the Open University. This work has been instrumental to the development of ongoing equality work within Higher Education, and we commend the CEC for their passion to continuously strive to ensure that we consider any and all hurdles to engagement within our representation roles.

Cin (second from left) alongside (from left) Anca Seaton (VP Community), Nichola Connolly (Faculty Rep – Wellbeing, Education and Language Services) and Bev Smit (Faculty Rep – Arts and Social Sciences).

  • Last year, a pilot of our Individual Representation service was initiated. The service has gone from strength to strength since it’s launch and has supported many students with complaints and cases.


  • Strong collaborative relationships with various members of staff within different departments has been instrumental in improving student representation. These relationships have developed over the 2020-22 term, and have played a vital role in bringing student voices to the forefront of different discussions across the University.

Cinnomen as VP Education and the rest of the CEC have made an impact on so many areas of the Association, and we admire their ability to explore new ways to include people, build community and support students.

Allan Musinguzi

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The Editorial team.


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  1. Thank You so much Allan!!!

    Cin is, was and will always be super amazing and deservant of this recognition. I know if she could she would voluteer forever + Amen to help students.

    She’s a dedicated representative, insightful academic in her own right, and a successful creative mind! But than all of that she is a sincere, driven, loyal, passionate and proud woman and I am grateful to call her a friend.

    Seeing this tribute and knowing how much it would mean to her and the countless OU students and volunteers she’s helped, truly touched my heart, so I counldn’t not commend you for you voice and humanity in the midst.

    My humblest thank you. 🙏🏾😢❤️