Celebrating women of the Association – Jay, our longest serving Peer Support volunteer

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, throughout March we will be shining the spotlight on some of the women who have helped shape the Association.

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, throughout March we will be shining the spotlight on some of the amazing women who have helped shape the Association over the years and are a vital part of our history.   

Some of you may know from your own experiences that distance learning can be challenging for Open University students. Feeling isolated, struggling with motivation, and lacking in confidence with approaching studies are barriers faced by many students. Our Peer Supporters are OU students who operate under a pseudonym to provide advice and support to their fellow students.  

All of our Peer Supporters are wonderful, but we want to focus on the amazing work done by Jay

Jay has been a Peer Supporter for almost seven years, starting her volunteering journey one year after the service launched. Jay has offered a listening ear and invaluable guidance to hundreds of students over the years. Jay keeps up-to-date with ongoing training in her role and participates pro-actively to improve the service. She shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in the role with new Supporters which helps the Supporter team overall to provide an excellent service.  

We value and appreciate all of Jay’s work, dedication and commitment to the Peer Support service over the years. Indeed, along with all of our other Peer Supporters, Jay has made a positive difference to the study experience and lives of very many students. 

To find out more about our Peer Support Service including how to reach out to a Peer Supporter see our Peer Support page on the OU Students Association website. 

This article is part of an ongoing series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the OU Students Association.

Please visit the OU students website to find out more about the events planned to celebrate this occasion, and how you can get involved.

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