Five musical playlists to help you study this fall & winter

As much as you want to hide under your blankets this time of year, you have some studying to do! Why not let the music guide you during these cold months?

Do you hear that? Listen closely… It is the sound of students groaning. Why? The days are getting colder, darker, and many would rather stay under a pile of warm blankets. 

While many of us love and adore the change of leaves, the welcoming of snow and the holiday glow, it is also true that many find it difficult to get up and get out of bed. If you are already feeling that familiar “ugh” feeling, this musical list was curated for you in mind! I gathered five motivating musical playlists just for your hearing pleasure. 

If you wish to explore other playlists, here is a list that I made that focused on mainly classical music.

Let us know in the comments what musical playlist or genre you listen to while studying. Does it vary by season, topic, or mood? I’d be interested to know! 

  1. 1 When you need to reach level 500,901 concentration

    When I was still a student, did you know what I listened to? 


    Well... Yes. But not what you may be thinking!

    When people hear the words "classical music" and "studying" together, there is a tendency to think of "soft, light, and airy" pieces. Something that makes one feel calm, cool and collected. While that works for many people, it definitely was not the case with me. 

    When I needed an assignment done or go through a massive study session, pieces like these were the bread to my butter. It may take a moment to digest for some, but you won't regret it. Hopefully.

    This playlist is one hour long and will push you out of bed and into the books!

  2. 2 Free ticket to New York’s jazz scene

    While we may not feel like getting on a plane to New York during these cold times, that isn't to say that we cannot bring New York to us! You're not going to get your New York dollar pizzas or get an entire Broadway cast to sing and dance for you to study (sadly), but this is the next best thing.

    If you want to spice up your study session with the sax or want to feel like you're in a New York jazz club, this playlist is for you. Get a cup of tea or coffee, your books, and enjoy!

    This playlist is an hour long, filled with amazing tunes like My Funny Valentine and The Girl from Ipanema.

  3. 3 Add some salsa to spice up your studying

    It might be because I am a Latina, but salsa is so irresistible. It will light a fire in you. You will get up, you will move, and you definitely are not going to want to be doing anything else other than move. Whatever life throws at you to keep you down, salsa will gather you up and force you to keep you going.

    If you need that pick-me-up these next few months, this is going to make you feel better. Warning: Try not to get too into it that you're dancing the whole morning, afternoon, and night away. Remember to study!

    This playlist is an hour long.

  4. 4 Who forgets alt-rock?

    "It's not a phase." Well, your seasonal gloom might be! 

    If you want to kick it back as if you're in the 90s or simply prefer rock over any other genre, this might be the perfect playlist to listen to. You are guarenteed to trade in your warmest clothes for a leather jacket and prepare yourself for whatever assignment or study session that comes your way! Well, maybe not trade in all of your warmest clothes, but you will feel extremely motivated to get up and go.

    This playlists lasts over an hour and fifteen minutes.

  5. 5 “Study With Me” with lo-fi

    Okay, so this isn't just music playing. This video is actually a "Study With Me" with someone who is also doing their study session, listening to lo-fi and using the Pomodoro technique.  This can be a wonderful motivator for many reasons.

    Many students may lose motivation to study due to isolation or feeling easily distracted, especially around this time of year. If you have no one and do best with being around others or need reminders that it is okay to take breaks, feel free to watch this video while studying and others like it. It might change the way you study for the better!

    This video is two hours long. The Pomodoro technique - as shown here - are 25 minute sessions of actively working with 5 minute breaks following. This "Study With Me" will have four of these sessions.

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