OU Responds to Student Views Shared in March 2022 — Student Consultation Meetings

The response to the Student Consultation Meetings has been published. Find out what the OU is doing in response to student views shared during the meetings.

The Student Consultation Meetings take place across March each year, to gather student views across a range of topics and allow students to influence their student experience while studying with the OU.

In March 2022, we have consulted students on Sustainability, Staying on Track with your Studies, and the Future of Exams as part of our online Student Consultation Meetings. Since then, staff have been analysing the feedback — you can read the summary of feedback on our Student Consultation forum space — and we are now pleased to share the full response to the Student Consultation Meetings, including next steps.

You can read the full response on our Student Consultation forum space.

Here are some highlights of the changes we have been able to make as a result of student feedback:


In September 2022, Responsible Futures was launched, which gave the OU institutional accreditation for including sustainability and climate justice in the curriculum.

Carbon Literacy training has been launched in partnership with the OU in Wales and the Students Association. You can sign up for the training in English and in Welsh.

OU research project on sustainability is now being shared across the student media channels including how these projects feed into our BBC co-productions. 

Staying on Track with your Studies

Staff working on tuition are exploring innovations in tuition and making sure they consider the importance providing opportunities to foster tutor-student relationships.

Several projects across the OU will be working together to ensure there is a joint-up approach to improve student readiness for study.

The team redeveloping the student online experience will been ensuring their work involves providing opportunities for students to feel part of a community.

Future of exams

Staff will ensure that there is clear guidance to support students with online exams, particularly on what to do if there are technical issues.

Staff we be reviewing how online exams will be invigilated to ensure there is no academic misconduct.

Staff will ensure they consider students digital skills in this area.

To keep up to date on future work in these areas,  sign up to our Student Consultation Newsletter and check out Student Voice website. We will also be looking for students to join our 2023 Student Consultation Meetings in the new year, so keep an eye on your emails for the opportunity to sign up.

Student Consultation Team

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