Student Leadership Team meeting round-up

On Saturday 7 October the Association's Student Leadership Team (SLT) met to discuss all things OU Students.

On Saturday 7 October the Association's Student Leadership Team (SLT), a team of students who oversee various aspects of the Association promoting your interests, met to discuss all things OU Students.

During September there had been a co-option for nine SLT roles with eight being successfully filled! This was their first experience of an SLT meeting and gave them the opportunity to meet the team and learn about ongoing and upcoming projects.

A collage with a pink and orange gradient background showing the eight new members of the slt. You can click on this graphic to be taken to a news article with more information.

The Association has three support groups for students with protected characteristics, and members of the Disabled Students and Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Groups joined the meeting to update the team on upcoming projects and the successes of the DSG Freshers event. 

Student Issues

The development of a Student Issues page led the next round of discussions. Focusing on accessing tutorials with your own tutor, incorrect module descriptions and last minute changes to assignments, the SLT have developed plans of action for each area. 

A new webpage will be created with tips and tricks on handling tutorials, plus further discussions will be had around modules and their descriptions between SLT members and the OU.

SLT Priorities

There were big moves towards succeeding with the campaigns, plans and content made a priority by the SLT earlier on in their term. There are four priority areas that guide the work of the SLT throughout their two year term. 

Four boxes showing the four priority areas. Representation, communities & engagement, association awareness and EDI and accessibility.

From a new EDI newsletter to Association awareness, tutor and volunteer recognition and even a new chat platform for students, there's plenty of key areas for the SLT to get stuck in with, and these meetings allow another platform for them to get together and get involved with areas they are passionate about. 

All of our student leaders work towards bi-monthly reports that give you a full round-up of the work they're doing. You can check all of them out on the Association's website

An orange box that reads 'august to October 2023' in relation to the set reports. Click to visit the august to October report.

Every Student Leadership Team meeting is reported on live throughout the sessions. Follow us on X (Twitter) to keep up-to-date with what's happening in the SLT sphere and beyond!

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