What on earth does a Vice President Engagement do?

Lou, Vice President Engagement, reflects on her first month in the role and answers the FAQ - what on earth does a Vice President Engagement do?

It’s been just over a month since I took over from the outstanding Student Leader and founder of The Hoot – Fanni Zombor.

So far, I’ve mostly been realising what gigantic shoes I have to fill but I thought I’d hop on The Hoot and share my settling-in story so that you get a look in to the inner workings of my role, and how I work to represent you, as well as a sneak preview of what’s to come…

The title is inspired by a question I’ve been asked a couple of times (both during and after elections) and I hope this helps you make sense of my very mixed role.

Student Voice Week

The bulk of my activity has been working very closely with the Student Voice Planning Group and our super-lovely volunteer Student Voice Week Ambassadors in planning the theme, logistics and content of Student Voice Week 2022 – your chance to help shape your student experience!

(Save the date(s): 7–13 November 2022)

The Hoot (PDF version)

Back in July, The Hoot launched its first PDF edition for SiSE (Students in Secure Environments). Over the last few weeks, I’ve joined the team to help support the planning of the next publication, due to launch in early November and featuring The Hoot content you have been creating/perusing online. Thank you all for your amazing contributions.

Strategy communications

If you’re on social media, you may have seen my face pop up on your feeds a couple of times in my recent video content, calling for students to contribute to the Office for Students National Student Survey consultation and raising awareness about the Student Association’s Strategy & Insight (Insight of the Month).

Read the Insight of the Month

Watch my video summary (No Twitter account needed):

Missing out on my updates? You can check out my social media links, as well as those of all other student leaders on the OU Students Association website.

Content Hub

I’ve been chatting with the Digital Communications team about getting my major manifesto point of creating a hub of video/blog resources that help students share their experiences and choose their next modules, and which will answer common questions to help other students – almost like an unofficial version of the module descriptions, help centre etc.


Mingling with The Open University usually comes in the form of all things communications, and the digital experience in my role. I’ve been helping to feedback about future communication and feedback plans, as well as offering the student perspective across meetings.

Free choice

As a student leader, I also get to become involved in areas of interest to me that don’t always directly sit under the umbrella of engagement. I’ve recently attended an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, and next week will start out on the Association Environmental and Sustainability Working Group. This aspect of our roles is great – it means we can devote time and energy to areas we are passionate about, and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Did you know? OU students can currently access FREE Carbon Literacy Training.

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Lou Robinson

BSc (Hons) Open Degree 2020 PGCE Primary (School Direct) Student 2020/21 Aspiring Primary School Teacher with a keen interest in STEAM and Outdoor Learning.


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