An introduction to the new Individual Representation Service

Did you know that the Open University Students Association is launching a new Individual Representation Service? I know, right – how great will that be?

Did you know that the Open University Students Association is launching a new Individual Representation Service (as part of the new Student Advice and Representation Hub)?

I know, right – how great will that be? Finally getting Students Association support throughout one of the hardest spots to navigate in your student journey – when you are subject to a complaint. We have all heard about the problems with plagiarism, academic misconduct, and the rise in the use of Essay Mills. But what happens when it is you that stands accused?

For many of the representatives at the Students Association, we have sometimes felt like we have had our hands tied with regards to how much we can do to support students during the complaints process. We are hoping that will now change with the launch of this pilot service, where we can help support our students who are currently navigating the complaints system alone.

The service aims to provide students with independent, free and confidential advice. It is completely independent from the University and can provide individual representation to students who have a current, open and existing complaint. There will also be a resource hub to provide students with advice and guidance in relation to the complaints and appeals process in general.


The Individual Representation Service should allow us to help many of our students with an open complaint, as well as those students who may just be looking for advice or support around complaints, appeals and university policies and procedures.

We recognise that going through the University’s regulations and procedures can be tough to navigate on your own, so we aim to be here to provide you with tailored advice and support. Anything that helps the process feel a little less lonely and helps you feel better equipped to deal with the outcomes must be worth trying.

There are a number of steps that the Association can help with, and there will be the resource hub for general advice. You will also have the opportunity to ask for representation in the form of direct case support or via an advocate going through the process with you. We are also working to help signpost to people with a better understanding of concerns for those times where we aren’t best equipped to help your individual circumstance. Knowing who to know is something the whole team is working on.

We hope that if you are currently affected by the complaints process, or if you become affected later, that you will consider getting in touch. The student advice and representation hub on our main website and the query form are there to help you get the best support we can offer. We’re here to provide you with advice when you need it.

You can also read the launch statement for the Individual Representation Service from the Association website.

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