How to waste your time

VP Engagement Lou shares some unusual ways to avoid your upcoming deadline.

Last year, as an experienced OU Student I shared 10 tips for settling in to OU study. This year I’ve gone rogue! I’m going to share 10 novel ways to avoid your OU study. 

Oven already spotlessly clean? Budget for motivational stationery already blown? Baked enough cakes to open your own bakery? Have no fear – here are 10 ways to more effectively waste your own time.

1) Find the Invisible Cow

One of my all time favourite time wasting websites, ‘Find the Invisible Cow’ is an online version of the old playground favourite Marco Polo. You click on the blank screen following the loudest shouts of the word COW to locate the cow hidden behind the scenes which will appear with a satisfying moo! Find enough cows and you can even unlock some further farmyard favourites. 

2) Blob Opera

Create your own opera song and take your quartet on a world tour. No musical talent required. These blobs are a Google Arts and Culture Experiment and remind me of those fabulous singing slugs in the Aardman film ‘Flushed Away’. You can even record and share your masterpiece and get others in on the act at Blob Opera!

3) Geoguessr

From a randomly selected section of Google Street View you have to try and pin point the place in the world you are in. Very kindly it only allows you only 5 minutes of play every 15 minutes on the free version so is fantastic for controlled procrastination as well as developing your geography skills. Where will Geoguessr take you?

4) Little Alchemy 2

I adore this cute little game! You start out with air, earth, fire and water and can mix items and products together to try and discover the formulation of all 720 items. Can you master Little Alchemy 2?

5) Dino Classic Game

I’m such a dino game nerd I 3D printed myself some earrings of this little legend (Thingiverse 3D print design link available here). This game automatically pops up when your connection is down over on Google Chrome and can be played by hitting the space bar when the dinosaur arrives but for those who don’t want to wait for internet outage, the game is also available as a Chrome Extension. Now you can dino leap over cacti even when your module website is working.

6) Sporcle

This gem is for the trivia lovers! I could waste a lifetime on Sporcle! Do you know all 118 elements on the Periodic Table? Perhaps you can name the top 200 Harry Potter characters by number of mentions? Or you can name all 42 Monarchs of England? (This one I can – credit to Horrible Histories – if you don’t know the song learning it is also top tier procrastination!) Nothing to your taste here? No worries! Sporcle has a quiz for everyone!

7) Heardle

Yes –  Wordle/Nerdle/Heardle/Worldle/Quordle are still out there! I may not have developed a habit of them (for a daily streak to be maintained I appear to need a green owl with angry eyes to appear on my home screen) but they still bring occasional distraction and joy.

8) Patience is a Virtue

Top tier procrastination can be found at ‘Patience is a Virtue‘ where you can watch a web page loading indefinitely. The digital equivalent to watching paint dry (which may also be good procrastination though I haven’t tried it myself…yet)

9) Wildlife Webcams

Want to get up close to owls, badgers and other wildlife? The Wildlife Trusts webcams are a fantastic watch – particularly through any nesting season but please be aware you may witness a meal time or two with the peregrines! Edinburgh Zoo also operates a number of webcams in their enclosures. I could watch the penguin pool all day, every day!

10) The Useless Web

(Warning: Some useless websites this site redirects to may contain flashing images!)

If I haven’t yet wasted enough of your time The Useless Web offers a random website generator of completely useless websites. Mix up your timewasting and explore even better ways to waste your time with the click of a button. 

Got a better way to waste time? Why not drop it in the comments below? Or even waste your time writing your own Hoot article about how to waste time.

Happy procrastination!

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Lou Robinson

BSc (Hons) Open Degree 2020 PGCE Primary (School Direct) Student 2020/21 Aspiring Primary School Teacher with a keen interest in STEAM and Outdoor Learning.

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