• Frangar, non flectar

    I miss the innocence of being a child, No care in the world – just toys and smiles, Painting by number, and lego based builds...

  • My Story. My Truth.

    My life began on the 26th October 1969. Forget that. It started properly in March that year. My birth parents, George and Sarah, met in...

  • Assimilating

    Ravi, bird of paradise, dressed in worn out Levis, Nikes down at heel lays out his stall with passion fruit, mangoes, kumquats, purple grapes, Exotic...

  • Culture

    The beautiful Scottish island I found myself on was quite a difference from the flat lowlands and busy town centres of the country I grew...

  • Italy’s Hidden Gem

    Tucked away in the far north eastern corner of the Adriatic Sea lies Italy’s hidden treasure Trieste, the home of my ancestors.

  • Tick tock

    Time seems to rush, slip and stream by me, Like a turbid river on a rainy day.

  • Goddess

    My ticket for survival? The Lothian buses all-day pass. Unlimited hours touring Scotland’s elegant capital for less than a fiver.

  • Escapism through reading

    The words capture me like a big hug. They pull me in until I am fully immersed in the world and reality melts away.

  • Pen to paper

    I know it’s a bit of a novelty to receive a handwritten letter nowadays – even more of a novelty to write one I can...