What does the Students Association do? The Digital Communications team

This is a bespoke article written for the third edition of the printed Hoot newsletter for students in secure environments.

We want OU students living in secure environments to understand more about the OU Students Association, the work we do and all the ways we help students.

The Digital Communications or ‘Digi Comms’ team (made up of Kate, Andy and Ciara) are responsible for passing along information from the Association to students. They communicate in a variety of ways to make sure the Association’s messages reach as many students as possible. Information is shared along various channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on our website.

One of the major projects the Digi Comms team worked on in the last year was the launch of a new website which was an exciting new development for the Association, as it enabled us to build a totally new site to reflect our values, who we are and what we offer. The Digi Comms team’s Optimisation Officer describes the website as our shop window displaying what the Association has to offer. It is therefore important for the Digi Comms team to keep this tidy and in order so that students are able to navigate it with ease.

The image shows the Hoot logoAnother site we manage is The Hoot, our online student magazine that is alive with new articles from students, Association staff and OU staff too. The Hoot covers so many topics and students can write and submit articles about absolutely anything that interests them.

The Digi Comms team also do lots of important work collaborating with other teams collecting content (at graduation ceremonies, Freshers, Student Leadership Team events and more), promoting awareness days and managing the Association brand.

Based on feedback from the last issue, we know that readers wanted to learn more about the Students Association and what our amazing teams do for students. We hope that this article has given you an insight into the work done by the Digital Communications team.

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Ciara Linehan

Ciara is a member of the Students Association staff team.


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