Which Bratz are you most like?

Are you Chloe, Jade, Sasha or Yasmin?

When I was growing up, a Bratz doll would appear on my birthday and Christmas lists.   Magazine posters were stuck to my bedroom wall. With their cooler, edgier vibe, I favoured Bratz over Barbie dolls. Chloe was my favourite for unknown reasons (I had several ones of her) but I think I am more like Yasmin in terms of personality and interests.  I also had a few other characters, such as Dana in her ice-skating outfit and Sienna in her slumber-party attire.

Please note, this quiz has been created for fun and is not meant to be taken too seriously – for example, I would not dream of assuming that any female familiar with the Bratz franchise is a fashionista.  I, for one, am certainly not!

  1. 1 Which style would you say mostly aligns with your own?

    1. Exotic animal prints and sparkly fabrics
    2. Extreme and far out
    3. Urban street wear
    4. Bohemian, earthy clothes
  2. 2 Which of these (embarrassing) nicknames would your friends be most likely to call you?

    1. Angel
    2. Bunny Boo
    3. Kool Kat
    4. Pretty Princess
  3. 3 Which is your favourite food or snack?

    1. Cookies
    2. Ice cream
    3. Pizza
    4. Waffles
  4. 4 Which is your favourite colour?

    1. Autumn shades
    2. Green
    3. Red
    4. Turquoise or blue
  5. 5 Which is your favourite smoothie flavour?

    1. Credit
    2. Banana
    3. Blueberry
    4. Strawberry
  6. 6 Which is your lucky number (or nearest to it)?

    1. 3
    2. 6
    3. 7
    4. 11
  7. 7 If you were part of a magazine team, which section would you like to do?

    1. Editor-in-chief
    2. Music column
    3. Fashion column
    4. Agony aunt
  8. 8 How would you (or others) describe your personality?

    1. Romantic and dreamy
    2. Bubbly and open
    3. Bold and sassy
    4. Sensitive and sweet
  9. 9 Which hobbies do you do in your spare time?

    1. Reading
    2. Dancing
    3. Fashion styling
    4. Sports
  10. 10 Which of these is the most important to you?

    1. Fashion
    2. Books
    3. Makeup and Beauty
    4. Music

Which Bratz are you most like?

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  1. Quiz result


    Chloe (spelt Cloe by Bratz) is the most likely to be your soulmate, since you both enjoy sports and like a bit of romance.

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  2. Quiz result


    Fashionista Jade is most likely to be your soul sister, since you enjoy experimenting with fashion looks, either following trends or honing your own style.

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  3. Quiz result


    You and Sasha are most likely to be famed for your fiery tempers and sassy personalities.  Beyonce is probably a role model in your life and you are a likely lover of her music.

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  4. Quiz result


    Most likely known as the quiet one within your friendship group, you and Yasmin are sensitive souls who share a love of reading and animals.

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