How to ‘hygge’ your study space!

Lots of articles speak of bringing hygge into the home, but what is it and how can you use it to make studying more comfortable?

Some of you might have heard of the word of the moment ‘hygge’. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, it means ‘living cosily’ and comes from the language of one of the world’s happiest nations, Denmark!

According to writer Tovemaren Stakkestad, hygge was never meant to be translated, it was meant to be felt. It’s all about feeling, warm, comfortable, contented and well in whatever you are doing.

Lots of articles speak about bringing hygge into your home, but what about where you spend your long evenings and weekends? We’re talking about bringing hygge into your study space.


  1. 1 Plants

    A simple and robust plant can literally bring your desk to life. Caring for a plant can make you feel valued and needed as you care for another life, whilst also giving out Oxygen to increase brain function!

  2. 2 Hot Drinks

    A steaming cup of tea or coffee can make you feel warm inside and out. Drinking decaf options is also an easy way to stay hydrated when the radiator is blasting out that heat! 

  3. 3 Cushion

    Getting a numb bum? Treat yourself to a beautiful cushion to sit on or cuddle whilst you’re studying. Try something made from a woollen or furry fabric for extra hygge points!

  4. 4 Warm Layers

    Sitting still for long periods of time can make you cold. Pull on a pair of fluffy socks or a woolly jumper and snuggle down with a good textbook.

  5. 5 Photographs

    Framed photos of friends and loved ones can be great motivators. Think of all the people who will be proud of what you achieve or who may have inspired you on your OU journey. So clear out that phone and invest in some prints - lots of photo shops have free prints for new users!

  6. 6 Feelgood Snacks

    Swap handfuls of quick-release energy snacks like sweets and biscuits with dried fruit and nuts which release their energy over a longer period. Although easier said than done, healthy snacks keep you fuller for longer, increasing concentration!

  7. 7 Calming Playlist

    Everyone studies differently but listening to instrumental music can aid concentration and make you feel less alone. Try alpha-wave style music available through most streaming services.

  8. 8 Warm Lighting

    Bright white lighting can be clinical and dazzling at times. Try swapping to warmer bulbs in your study space. Avoid using screens in the hour before you sleep; perhaps you could read a textbook or take notes instead? 

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Ellie Broad

Ellie is a former member of the Students Association staff team.


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  1. I loved this article Ellie, the Danish term Hygge actually derives from the Norge word, hugga, which translates “to comfort,” and is also related to the English word “hug.”The notion of kos is the norwegian saying for having a good time. koselig is older than Hygge