My experience as a Student Advisor at a Student Hub Live session

I was really excited to join the session about academic conduct because of my role as Student Advisor for the Association’s Individual Representation service.

Earlier this month I was asked if I would like to join the panel on a Student Hub Live session. Rather embarrassingly I wasn’t aware of what Student Hub Live was, so I quickly followed the link I was provided to their website. What I came across was a really interesting looking chat show organised by the OU, which focuses on different topics each session. They are informative, fun and interactive. Students sign up to watch the live stream and can comment and ask questions as they go along. Some of the questions then get put to the panel to answer. The topics are varied from essay writing, support and wellbeing for student carers, how to boost your reading skills, and the one that I joined about academic conduct.

I was really excited to join the session about academic conduct because in my role as Student Advisor for the Association’s Individual Representation service, I’m on hand to support students through an academic misconduct accusation. As a student I think one of the scariest things that could happen, is to receive a letter from the University suggesting that you have plagiarised your assignment. Having someone there who can help guide you through the University’s processes and provide practical advice as well as emotional support around the issue, I think is invaluable during a difficult time in a student’s journey. We are friendly, confidential and are independent from the University, so we are here to represent your needs.

The Student Hub Live session I attended was made up of myself and two Academic Conduct Officers from the University, along with hosts Rob and Heidi. We discussed what is academic misconduct and what the role of an Academic Conduct Officer is, what constitutes as plagiarism, what are the possible outcomes, and what questions do students ask of the Association around academic misconduct, along with what support the Association can offer. It was an enlightening session and there was a lot of good engagement from the students who attended. The session had a lot of good tips on how to avoid plagiarism, what to do if you are accused of plagiarism, and we talked about self-plagiarism, which I certainly wasn’t aware of before I started my role as Student Advisor!

A lot of the Student Hub Live sessions are recorded and then uploaded to their YouTube channel so that students who aren’t able to make the live session can catch up in their own time. You can watch the academic conduct session on YouTube too. Check out what sessions there are to improve and enhance your student journey with the OU.

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