The Open Societal Challenges Programme needs Panellists

The Open Societal Challenges Programme writes about the opportunity to sit on the panel.

The Open Societal Challenges (OSC) Programme enters its second year of operation in August 2023 with well over 100 new challenges submitted to date. The Programme aims to empower OU research teams to mature their ideas in tackling some of the key societal challenges of our time along the themes of Living Well, Sustainability, and Tackling Inequalities.

The OSC Programme is firmly embedded in the Open University community and aims to cultivate its connections across the University. The Programme highly values the skills, insights, and experiences of all members of the Open University community, including those of its non-academic members. We are now looking for about 20 members of the OU Community willing to join our new Citizen Advisory Panel. The Citizen Advisory Panel will provide high-level oversight of our portfolio and advise our leadership on broad strategic questions as we grow and evolve.

Being an OSC Panellist is a great opportunity to contribute to the Open University’s social mission and to help research make an impact in the issues that matter the most to you. It is also a chance to learn more about fascinating research from ‘behind the scenes’, and to take a leadership role engaging with key societal issues.

Anyone can become a member of the Citizen Advisory Panel. This includes Open University students (undergraduate and postgraduate), all staff from all job families, Staff Networks, and Alumni. We welcome Panel members from all over the world, all backgrounds, and all walks of life. The OSC Citizen Advisory Panel will meet every 6 months for a few hours to provide strategic oversight of the OSC portfolio (meetings will be hybrid to allow for virtual participation). Taking part in the Citizen Advisory Panel is an unpaid opportunity, but expenses incurred to attend Panel meetings will be reimbursed.

If you are interested in applying, please submit a 150-word statement of intent indicating why you are interested in joining the Panel and what you would bring to the role of Panellist through our webform. Please apply by 15 May 2023.

Panel members will be selected on the basis of relevant experience as described in their statement of intent. The OSC Team considers to be ‘relevant experience’ anything that may enrich the breadth of skills, knowledge and diversity of the Citizen Advisory Panel, including but not limited to personal life experiences, personal interests and passions, activism, social and cultural experience, professional and research interests, educational qualifications and more.

Open Societal Challenges Brochure

For more information, check out the brochure. 

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