SiSE survey highlights

This article was written for the second edition of the Hoot for students in secure environments, highlighting some findings from the Strategy and Insight team.

In July 2022, the OU Students Association released a survey to all its students currently studying in a secure environment. Thank you to all the students who took part in providing this valuable feedback and helping us to achieve our strategic aims. Here are a few highlights from the survey.

Did you see a copy of The Hoot magazine for SiSE students? 

Yes, I saw a copy 9%

No, but I would like to see a copy 87%

Following your feedback about issues accessing the newsletter, we are improving our coverage by including a copy of this issue with each pack of printed research material you request through Library Study Volunteers, and will include a colour digital version on your Student Home page.

As the first SISE survey for England and Wales, the 2022 age demographic sets a baseline for future surveys. The results show us that the largest group of SiSE respondents studying with the OU are in the 26-35 years age range at 30%, closely followed by the 36-45 years age group at 26%.

What faculty are you studying with?

15% Faculty of Business & Law
4% Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
24% Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
26% Open & Access
24% Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths
7% Not sure

The results showed that 4% of Students in Secure Environments are studying with the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies, compared to 9.6% of the wider student population studying in the same faculty, as found in the Annual Membership Survey.

What motivated you to study with the OU?

“Develop my Maths skills, use my time in prison wisely.”

“I wanted to overcome some of my previous failures with education and make myself employable.”

“Personal interest in the Arts and wanting to expand my career prospects as a writer.”

“I wanted to better myself and build towards a better future.”

“Wanted to fulfil my potential.”

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