Which type of cake are you?

Do you want to know which type of cake are you? Answer this quiz all about work and study and find out...

  1. 1 Which three traits better describe you?

    1. Cheerful, energetic, and fun
    2. Kind, supportive and, friendly
    3. Curious, adventurous, and smart
    4. Calm, creative, and quiet
    5. Trustworthy, extrovert, and expressive
    6. Serious, respectful, and hard worker
    7. Helpful, good communication, and skilled
    8. Leader, optimistic, and focused
  2. 2 If you ask a random colleague if they recognise you, would they?

    1. Absolutely, with no doubt
    2. Pretty certain that they do
    3. Almost certainly
    4. Most of them
    5. Probably yes
    6. 50/50
    7. Maybe not
    8. Probably not
  3. 3 How many people make the right amount for a team to work better?

    1. The more the better.
    2. 9 or 10
    3. 6-8
    4. 4-6
    5. 3 or 4
    6. 1 or 2
    7. The number doesn't, matter
    8. Depends on the scale of what is being made.
  4. 4 You are planning a huge event this weekend, however you have assignments due the next Monday. What is your plan?

    1. I put my main effort into the assignments, but I try to do my best in the event.
    2. If I organise myself correctly I can handle both.
    3. I can handle both, but I need to choose a priority in case something doesn't work.
    4. I put all my effort into the event and focus just enough on the assignments to get a decent result.
    5. I make sure I find a way to handle both things.
    6. I will ask for help in both things so I can manage.
    7. I put all my effort into the assignments. If I can work on the event I do, if not then, whatever.
    8. I put all my effort into the event. I try my best for the assignments, but if it doesn't work, whatever.
  5. 5 With how much time in advance should you plan a big event?

    1. As much as necesary.
    2. Whatever time I have left.
    3. Just enough, not months, but neither only a week.
    4. At least a month.
    5. Depends on how many people are working on it.
    6. A week or two is enough.
    7. Got to look at my agenda.
    8. At my own pace. Work more when I feel the pressure.
  6. 6 How would you describe yourself when learning something new?

    1. I have a specific goal and I need to achieve it.
    2. Discipline is a must, I need to see the results.
    3. Ask for the help of someone who knows about it.
    4. Use all the resources available around.
    5. Trial and error. I will eventually get it.
    6. I want to find a unique way to learn that fits me better.
    7. Learn from past experiences.
    8. Got to keep learning until I'm the best at it.
  7. 7 Which of the following describes the best your role in a friend's group?

    1. The parent of the group
    2. The representative
    3. The "do it all"
    4. The problem solver
    5. The soul of the party
    6. The super extrovert
    7. The quiet but funny
    8. The helper

Which type of cake are you?

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  1. Quiz result

    Birthday cake

    Just be sure to appear more than once a year.

    You have a sparkling but predictable personality. 

    You already have all the basic necessary abilities for your work. More than a few times you end up being the "leader" or the "representative" even if you don't want it.

    Everyone knows you and recognizes you everywhere. You attend every event, activity and party. 

    You usually live according to the rules, but if a certain occasion arises you may make an exemption. People know that and always try to convince you.

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  2. Quiz result

    Strawberry sponge cake

    Berry interesting right?

    You're absolutely sweet and caring. 

    You may not yet have all the necessary abilities for your work, but you have an amazing learning capability. You learn a lot from people with more experience. 

    Not everybody notices your work, but the ones that get to know you really really appreciate you.

    The problem is that your personality makes you easy to influence by others. This sometimes gets you into problems.

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  3. Quiz result

    Tres leches cake

    Be sure to "soak" up the information.

    You have a multilayered yet perfectly defined personality. You are one of a kind.

    You are the type of person that knows a little bit of everything, this means you can help everywhere and with everything. However, you are not so keen on teamwork.

    You also like to get involved in all matters and like gossip. Some people describe you as a "detective type".

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  4. Quiz result

    Red velvet cake

    Why so red? Don't be shy.

    Your personality leans more toward the introverted type. You have a pretty normal and recognisable public image but almost no one knows your true self. 

    You excel at controlling your emotions, so you are pretty good at problem-solving. You also have some hidden abilities that prove to be useful.

    You are not the type to attend every event or activity, so some people may not recognise you. There are moments when you want to do something new and exciting, but your fears may stop you.

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  5. Quiz result


    Just make sure not to be cheesy. You get it right?

    You are many people's favourite. Your personality irradiates trust and you love helping others. 

    People describe you as energetic and reliable. You're also the type of person to be especially good at something specific. 

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  6. Quiz result

    Meat loaf

    Is this even a type of cake? (I guess so).

    Your personality is quite straightforward but unique at the same time. Your image to others is one of respect and maybe a little bit of fear.

    You live by the rules and die by the rules. Regarding your work, you aim for perfection and most of the time you achieve it.

    You tend to be really appreciated by the people working beside you.

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  7. Quiz result


    I mean, almost everyone likes chocolate. (If not, you can be a blondie).

    You have such a kind and helpful personality. You love to be there for everyone.

    You are also the king of adaptability. Quite like a brownie (soft, chewie, fudgie, hot, fluffy), you are helpful in everything. The problem is that more often than not, you take more than what you can handle.

    You excel at communication. Your weakness is being alone. You depend on other people's energy and company to do your best. 

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  8. Quiz result

    Wedding cake

    Don't worry, this is not a prediction. (Or is it?)

    You are the centrepiece. Your personality is a glue that keeps everything and everyone together. You guide yourself and others with compromises and goals to meet.

    You are the "go big or go home" type of person. Even if sometimes going big is not the right choice. 

    You are THE person for big situations and important matters. However, sometimes you forget to attend to the more basic tasks.

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